The Sixth Cycle

The Sixth Cycle is my Epic Fantasy series; Lastborn is the first installment, and its sequel, The Dreamer, is on track to be released in March of 2012.  Lastborn is currently available in e-book format through all major online retailers:


Lastborn is also available as an iBook through iTunes.

Amandar is a fantasy world coming of age. The Industrial, Victorian setting of Ephola belies the world of magic and mythical creatures still lurking in the wilderness, and when a young woman arrives and sets both worlds on edge, rumors of a deeper, long-forgotten story emerge.

Nara-Ya has escaped the silver mines of the sorceress Morklana, and wants nothing more than to return to her home in the mountains of Makeda and disappear into obscurity. Circumstances send her to Ephola instead, where she finds herself entangled with a growing resistance movement, led by the idealistic Donovan Brennan.

Born of a rival nation, Donovan struggles with the prejudice and suspicion of his peers as he leads a movement against a corrupt aristocracy, all while trying to make sense of his own tragic past. He and Nara-Ya find their soul-mates in each other, though they are nothing alike, and Nara-Ya begins to question the darker aspects of her nature, as a growing threat from her old enemy draws it back to the surface.

While Donovan tries to make sense of his mysterious dreams and visions, a wise but irascible mystic takes Nara-Ya under her wing and hints at the girl's larger destiny. As Nara-Ya's power and influence grow, so does the danger from Ephola, and when it all comes to a head in Lastborn's devastating climax, Nara-Ya is forced to make a choice that will either save their world, or doom it to annihilation.